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Utumano from Queensland,Australia
Utumano from Queensland,Australia
Utumano from Queensland,Australia
Utumano from Queensland,Australia
Utumano from Queensland,Australia
Utumano from Queensland,Australia
Nickname: Utumano
Hair color:Brunette
Height:168 cm
Weight:72 Kg


TLDR A sapiosexual, humiliation and bondage play orientated, Gorean preferenced DS Dom with a fantastic taste in hats. Can kik me Utumano or discord Utumano#1380 Seeking I want to make and build connections to develop new dynamics as this is the spice which makes BDSM play far richer. Seek particularly submissive orientated women around my age who want a gentleman Dom to take control. I love individuals that are honest and true to themselves and seek to further everyone along their own journeys. I also seek to make some connections with more mature women as well who are a few years older than me. About Me I am currently in an open poly relationship. Have several bachelor degrees specifically in Mathematics, Statistics, Economics and Marketing. Employed as Business analyst working in corporate environment. Intellectual and curious with particular interest in ethics, philosophy (ontology and epistemology), both ancient and modern history, politics but found that these things should be approached with quite a bit of tact so have moved towards listening to peoples perspectives and experiences to enhance my own understanding. Love strategy games particularly 4X and RTS. Currently a gym junkie and always a beachie I believe we have a responsibility to take care of ourselves. Love shooting rifles and pistols at ranges and have begun to get involved with gel blaster games on a regular basis. Kinkterests The cornerstone of bdsm is the trifecta of consent and safety and privacy. This is what I live and play by in the kink world. More specifically I enjoy 1. Gorean style Master kajira dynamics due to the high level of refinement of protocol, rugged culture, beautiful aesthetics. I have read several volumes of the 'chronicles of counter Earth' and I seek to begin writing about the unique differences between slavery types specialising in Gorean expression of Ms dynamics. 2. Rope bondage including suspension is one of my goals that I have set for myself. I love rope due to its aesthetics but aslo the energy connection you get between rigger and bunny (not to get too new agey) but I find that connection to be quite deep. 3. Heavier bondage including chain shakles, straitjackets, confinement cages Canes and whips particularly whip cracking as there is a strong level of ego boost when you crack a whip 4. Humiliation play of all sorts particularly when I can 'kinkify the normal' and turn the mundane tasks into something excruitiating and torturous. 5. Primal play particularly when playing with kittens I do get a little bit cat like myself 6. Massages, wax, sensory deprivation 7. Choking, wrestling, cnc 8. Sexy girl feet and Trampling Limits Hard limits currently Scat, skit, fluids, needles, cutting Soft limits Harder SM play Vanilla me No longer relevant as kink and life are but one

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Female, Stout, Muscular, Fit, Slender, Caucasian, 18-25, 26-35


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